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Anger Part 1: What Part Does Anger Play in Your Life?

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While anger is a familiar and universal experience, how it is accepted and expressed can create confusion, fear, and even regret. There are also positive ways to express and manage anger.

In this two-part series, I will begin with a focus on personal anger – yours and mine – and how we can manage this strong emotion in our lives.

How Well Do You Manager Anger? A Quiz

The following is a brief inventory on your view and use of anger:

  • Do you recognize ...
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I’ve Been Called Dr. Shrink

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I’ve been called many things over the years, both personally and professionally. While some of these terms cannot be repeated here, here are a few I can share.

I’ve been called some of these names:

  • Doctor Shrink
  • A doctor to the crazies
  • A mentalist
  • A head examiner
  • Doctor Freud
  • Doctor Phil
  • A Doctor Phil want-a-be
  • A prober of the soul
  • A reprogramer
  • A waste of time
  • A blessing

Some are flattering, some are not. Others terms can seem somewhat confusing, some mysterious, and a few outright insulting.

Depending on one’s perspective, experience, and understanding ...

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Finding a Christian Counselor

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There is ethical understanding between the public and business advertising against the notion of “bait-and-switch “advertising. If someone advertises low prices for a product or service but raises the prices once you get into the store, that’s wrong, unethical and a lie. Consumers expect sellers to provide what they advertised. Like you, I look elsewhere.

Well, my friends, when you’re searching for a Christian Counselor, be certain that the people you contact who list themselves as Christian counselors actually honor their ...

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