There is ethical understanding between the public and business advertising against the notion of “bait-and-switch “advertising. If someone advertises low prices for a product or service but raises the prices once you get into the store, that’s wrong, unethical and a lie. Consumers expect sellers to provide what they advertised. Like you, I look elsewhere.

Well, my friends, when you’re searching for a Christian Counselor, be certain that the people you contact who list themselves as Christian counselors actually honor their stated beliefs. In other words, do not settle for the “bait and switch.”

There are many clinic groups and individual counselors who advertise themselves as “Christian” but seem do so in name only. They may be Christians who in fact counsel, but may be unable, uncomfortable or not allowed to talk about God and the Bible in the office or session.  In most incidences, they are probably providing good standard counseling learned from books or under someone’s supervision, but they may not know how to embrace God and Biblical principles into personal, everyday issues of life.

So if looking for a Christian counselor, I encourage you to ask the trained and licensed person some basic questions to give you confidence that they are who they advertise themselves as being.

Here are a few questions:

  • Do you pray with your clients when asked? Or do you ask the client to pray and indicate that you will remember them in the next week?
  • What does God want in a Christian home, even if there is conflict?
  • How do you Biblically help people who struggle with depression, anger, guilt or abuse?
  • Who do you believe Jesus Christ to be?

Finally, a reasonable professional question to ask any Christian counselor is this:

  • Are you in support of what these international groups say about Christians counseling? They are the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) or the Christian Associations for Professional Studies (CAPS)

In future writings I will address more on familiar topics people seek help in, but from a Christian counseling perspective actively incorporating the God and the Bible.

I believe in Biblical principles and bringing forth God’s grace in our meetings. Call or email me, Douglas Frey Ph.D. (952-920-2789) for help with your relationships and relationship problems. I am a licensed Christian counselor serving individuals and families in in Eden Prairie and nearby Chanhassen, Chaska, Shakopee, Minneapolis and other Western Suburbs.