Christian Addiction Counseling at Home Heart Counseling

Christian addiction counseling helps individuals overcome alcohol, drug, food, gambling or other harmful addictions. At Home Heart Counseling of Eden Prairie, Dr. Douglas Frey Ph.D., L.P., offers a Bible-based approach to treating addictions. By seeking God’s guidance in your life, you may be able to overcome addictions and live a life free from the compulsions that cause you to seek substances that harm your life.
Hope, healing and recovery await you. God has a plan for your life. Call Home Heart Counseling at 952-920-2789 for an appointment.


Recovery Is Possible!

Having an addiction doesn’t make you weak or a bad person. Addictions indicate a hole in the spirit that only God can fill. Whether you’re addiction is to food, gambling, sex, work or any of the other behaviors that keep you from living a full, joyous and free life, Home Heart Counseling can help. And if your addiction is to alcohol, drugs, or another substance, and you still struggle with relapse, sobriety and recovery, then inquire how Home Heart Counseling works with the individual and their families.  Whether they are involved in a support group, an aftercare program or with a sponsor, we provide an added Biblical approach.

Recovery is possible. Dr. Frey at Home Heart Counseling can help you address your addictions and live life to its fullest potential. Call 952-920-2789 for an appointment.

Overcoming Addiction with God’s Help

You can overcome addiction with God’s help. Christian addiction counseling offers time-tested addiction counseling infused with Biblical principles and the help of the Holy Spirit. Call Dr. Frey today for an appointment and take the first step on the road to recovery.

Call Home Heart Counseling today at 952-920-2789 for an appointment.

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