As a psychologist, working in several medical and psychiatric hospitals, I found that when many of my patients struggled in one area of life they struggled in other areas, too. When my patients and clients came with concerns over their changes, challenges and losses in life, I found that their mental distress and sense of vulnerability in life could lead to physical problems. Then and now the convergence of life stress and sickness is very apparent.

Your Healthcare Team

Many people seek psychological help on the advice of their medical doctor. We have come to know that intervention and help in one area of a person’s life can help in that “system” and the other areas of life. Indeed, it has been found that a complete healthcare team offers compassionate, lower “cost” and a more time effective way to help longer terms problems for a patient/client.

The Role of a Licensed Practical Psychologist

A psychologist, who has earned a Ph.D. or Doctorate in Psychology has typically prepared themselves with 5 to 7 years of academic, research, professional and person training. Then, following 2000 to 4000 hours of post-university training and a passing several tests, the State Board of Psychology recognizes and entrust that person  with a license to serve the public. In the State of Minnesota it is as a Licensed Psychologist (LP).

A Psychologist Completes Your Wellness Team

A licensed psychologist can complete your wellness team. There’s an intricate, inter-relationship of body, mind and spirit in every person. But if one area is miss-functioning or hurting, there can be a radiating effect to other areas of life.  Thankfully, most medical doctors and insurance carriers see the value and benefit of counseling with a Licensed Psychologist (LP).

If you find your life challenged by personal, family, career or medical stress, then please consider seeking help with a psychologist. And if you live, work or travel in the SW Minneapolis areas, then please consider calling me, Douglas Frey, a Licensed Psychologist (LP) for help personal help.

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