The words of a desperate father

despairThese words came out of the honest heart and through the mouth of a father who had pleaded with Jesus to heal his son. We read in the Gospel of Mark 9:24 that this loving fathering had asked others to help his precious son, but no one could. Now he turned to Jesus, not as the first option, but as the next option.

So, did he “believe” Jesus could help? Well, yes, just as he had hoped and believed others previous would do. But he admitted to having “unbelief” or doubt, because, likewise, the others let him down. So he was hedging and bracing his heart for another disappointment.

What about you?

When you go through changes and challenges in life, and feel overwhelmed and lost, who do you believe in? When you have a medical issue, troubles in a relationship, important career decisions to make, or struggle with worry, sadness or a personal habit, who do trust and have confidence in for help?

If you are like me, we believe there is hope from a family member, friend, wise mentor, a professional or, even, the researching the internet will help.  But, honestly, how often do you hope yet have doubting and cyclical hope “unbelief” like this father?

Not who, but whom?

The father, after asking others for help, asked and received help for his son by going directly to Jesus, the Son of God. And notice that God did not turn the father and the son away for not coming to Jesus earlier. Instead, finally, the son found and received what he had searched for – healing help!

You can approach Jesus directly

When people come to me for counseling, I might be the first or the fifteen people they have asked help from. While I hope 30 years of experience adds much to my time with people, I do know that together we must always go directly to God for each challenge and decision.

In my personal life, and with those I meet professionally, I want to want to go directly to God for help. I do not want to just hope and build myself up for disappointment, like the honest father in Mark 9. I, with you, want to both believe and have a confident belief that God can help and show us the way through life.