christian counselingChristian counselors offer believers an opportunity to heal broken hearts, mend breakdowns in relationships, and build a solid foundation for marriage and life. This form of counseling works because it’s grounded on Biblical truths and infused with the power of the Holy Spirit, a power which nothing can prevail against!

Christian Counselors Use Prayer and Traditional Therapy

In one way, Christian counselors offer the best of all possible worlds, the Spirit lead with an understanding of traditional counseling practices. Although not all are trained in traditional psychotherapy, some are, and such people combine the best of traditional therapy under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Christian counselors may use a combination of talk therapy, recommended action steps and plans, and prayer to help their clients. They have the freedom to incorporate prayer and invite the Spirit into counseling sessions so that their skills become a channel for the healing presence of God.

Bible-Based Wisdom

When the world’s problems seem overwhelming, God has the answer. Christian counselors offer a Bible-centric approach to therapy so that their advice, teachings and suggestions are based on the word of God, not current popular opinion.  Such time-honored truths have helped people over the centuries heal and lead whole, purposeful lives.  Christian counselors can help you forge a new path based on the word of God, and find the plan that God has in mind for you.

What Services Do They Offer?

Not all Christian counselors offer the same services. It’s important that when you are considering Christian-based counseling, you examine the credentials, skills and experience of the counselor just as you would when selecting a doctor, dentist or any other professional.

Most Christian counselors have training in various therapeutic disciplines as well as training or ordination from a Christian counseling graduate program or seminary. You may find it easier to begin counseling sessions with someone who understands grace and truth and has extensive experience in the area in which you need help, such as marriage or family counseling, grief and loss counseling, addictions or other areas.

Speak with a Christian Counselor

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