Dr. Douglas Frey, Ph.D., L.P., at Home Heart Counseling, believes that anger is a God-given emotion, originally entrusted to us for good. But many people struggle to understand and express anger in constructive ways.  Many find their anger or the anger of others to be confusing, scary, and overwhelming. They may either express their anger or witness others being angry in ways that vent rage, and can be hurtful, mean, abusive or destructive.

The Misuse of Anger

Christian Anger Management Counceling

Anger Management

Along with most people, Dr. Frey has seen the results of harmful anger. He has witnessed the impact of anger on families, friendships, companies, organizations, Churches, and communities. And he has seen the impact on the person struggling with their rage, too, such as legal problems, health issues, a social loneliness, personal shock, shame and sadness.  But there is help and hope to manage anger.

Help to Understand and Redirect Anger

For over 30 years Dr. Frey has worked with men and women manage their anger. He helps a person recognize when and where they feel emotionally intense; and he helps them understand, modulate and express their anger (and other emotions) constructively.  At times, Doug helps a person discover and resolve possible roots cases under their anger. For example, anger can cover up or divert attention away from fear, frustration, distress, or control issues, and some find that anger is a way to avoid intimacy, ignore traumatic memories, or as a means of self-protection.

So, wherever the misuse of anger and how it is impacting you or others, please call (952) 920-2789 for an appointment today.