Christian addiction counseling can break the bonds that hold us back and keep us from the abundant life that God promises us. Addiction is a sign of turning to people, situations and things for comfort, security and happiness, rather than turning to the Father for help.

Addictions keep us from the life of abundance and grace that God wants us to have. Addictions hurt individuals, families and communities. Christian counseling can heal those broken relationships and set you free to live the life God has planned for you.

Addiction Keeps Us Away from God

Scripture is quite clear that being addicted to “too much wine” and, by extension, to other substances, is not healthy for believers. It’s unhealthy for anyone to find themselves compulsively drawn to substances, people or situations that are harmful, rather than helpful, in their lives. Addiction is a turning away from God and a turning to substances or situations in place of God. Addiction keeps us away from God and the good life he has planned for us, and in bondage to something that doesn’t have the power to help.

Christian Addiction Counseling

Christian addiction counseling takes a slightly different approach to traditional addiction counseling by inviting God into the treatment plan. We let go and let God, trusting that God can remove the addiction and compulsion one day at a time. Twelve step programs are also founded on this idea that “I can’t, God can, and God will if asked” enable you to address the addiction.

We explore together the root causes of addiction and invite the healing power of the Holy Spirit in to treat the addiction. If God can heal lepers, restore sight to the blind and raise the dead, he can remove the shackle of addiction. But you have to ask! And asking is done through prayer.

Together, we can break the chains that bind you to addictions and compulsions and restore freedom into your life.

Your Next Step: Make an Appointment

Are you ready for the healing grace God offers to you? Christian addiction counseling can help. Christian counseling combines the healing power of prayer and belief with the wisdom of traditional therapy.  Dr. Douglas Frey of Home Heart Counseling offers services for individuals and couples seeking help with their problems. Please call 952-920-2789 for an appointment.