christian marriage counselingWhat Is a Christian Marriage Counselor?

Christian marriage counselors may be pastors or individuals with both seminary training and counseling training. Many pastors offer marriage counseling as part of their ministry. Their goal is to help each partner get closer to God, pursue a mutual understanding and find unity together as a couple, and be discerning of God’s will for their lives and their marriages.

But it is important to note that a Christian marriage counselor is similar, yet different in how a couple receives counseling and enrichment.  Both a pastor and Christian counselor desire to minister to the home, but typically a Christian counselor can offer more time and has more training to come alongside of a couple .

To elaborate upon the similarities and difference, let us consider some facts about Dr. Douglas Frey’s background:

  • First of all, he believes he was “called” into full-time ministry. Where once he served several years in church and para-church ministries, he believes God transferred that “calling” to become a full-time Christian counselor.  This allows him to be available and involved in ways a busy pastor may desire but cannot be.
  • But also note that besides seminary training, as part of his graduate school training, he was taught and mentored by many west coast Christian seminary teachers and national known pastors.
  • Further, Dr. Frey’s training and ministry included years of opportunities in medical hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and addiction centers. This gave him direct experience and understanding about the challenges couples face together or one partner does privately alone.

Dr. Frey’s experience, compassion and godly counseling style have been well received by many pastors, local churches, para-church ministries and higher education organizations.  At this time your life, if you’re looking for help with marital problems, consider calling Dr. Douglas Frey of Home Heart Counseling for individual and couples seeking help for your life and home. Please call 952-920-2789 for an appointment.