Pre-Marriage Counseling

In over three decades of helping couples as a counselor and pastor, Dr. Frey has helped hundreds of men and women prepare for engagement and marriage. He likens Christian pre-marriage counseling to the important step a student or employee takes before submitting a paper or report – they proof read it!    Reviewing and assessing marriage is important for couples, too.


The Christian Pre-Marriage Double Check

Double-checking two people’s readiness for their wedding day is important in Christian pre-marriage counseling. Before beginning life together as husband and wife, Dr. Frey helps a couple discuss and share about important things:

  • Each partner’s motivation and readiness for marriage
  • What it means to have a Christian marriage
  • Sharing and creating joint hopes and goals
  • How a couple communicates and manages conflict
  • Ways to recognize and embrace each other’s uniqueness
  • Discuss budgeting, chores, and roles
  • Ways to show love and nurture romance
  • Review earlier life events and choices on each partner, including one’s family, activities and habits before marriage
  • Handling family challenges and problems

So whether you are recently engaged, or thinking about becoming engaged, call Dr. Frey at (952) 920-2789 for a “review” and encouragement in your relationship leading up to marriage.

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