Heal, Build and Enrich Your Marriage with Christian Marriage Counseling

Christian marriage counselor Dr. Douglas Frey can help you heal, build and enrich your marriage through Christian marriage counseling. Home Heart Counseling focuses on a Biblical approach to counseling.  We delve into marriage and relationship problems from a Christ-centered perspective.

Infidelity, empty-nest syndrome, communicationproblems and simply growing apart as you grow older are all common marriage challenges. Dr. Frey’s 30 years of experience as a pastor, therapist and teacher offers you and your spouse the gentle, Biblical wisdom to guide you through the problem to the solutions waiting for you. 

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Christian Marriage Counselor Helps Rekindle Your Relationship with Your Spouse

A Christian marriage counselor can help you kindle the passion in your relationship. Many marriages fail not through something that appears to be insurmountable, but through benign neglect.  You owe it to yourself and to your family and loved ones to rekindle the spark in your relationship.  Heal, build and enrich your marriage with Christian marriage counseling.

 Call Dr. Frey at 952-920-2789 for an appointment. 

Healing, Hope and Forgiveness in God’s Plan for Your Marriage

 Healing, hope and forgiveness are waiting for you. God has a plan for you and your marriage.  Whether you struggle with infidelity, abuse,trauma, or lack of intimacy, Dr. Frey can help.  With a sound Biblical basis behind his counseling, Dr. Frey can guide you to solutions that can enhance and heal marital relationship problems.

 Call Home Heart Counseling today at 952-920-2789 for an appointment.


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